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Bottom Capacitor Replacement On Minolta X570/X500/X700

If for unfortunate reason you’ve landed yourself a non-functioning Minolta X series film camera, this video will show you how to replace the infamous inferior and often defective capacitor on the bottom of the camera. For X700, there is an extra cap on top plate, which is hard to get to…

But before you attempt to replace the caps, check your battery cap for conductivity first! A lot of times corrosion on the battery cap will prevent the camera from power-on

Some tips on replacing the capacitor on Minolta X-700. This is a well-known problem and happens on most of cameras as of now (The year 2022)… Basic soldering skill is required to do the soldering of Cap 1 (capacitor on the bottom of the camera). Advanced soldering skills and lots of extra time are required to replace Cap 2 (capacitor at top of the camera), Cap 2 replacement is NOT covered in this video. Now if you have no soldering skill, I highly recommend watching this how-to-solder video as the guy explained and demonstrated it perfectly:

JIS Crosspoint Screwdriver REQUIRED to service most Japanese cameras:

And this is the best capacitor you can get for the X-700/X-500/X-570. I bought a pack of 10 for like $10 bucks.…

Warning! #1:This video is provided for informational purposes only. I’m not responsible for damages caused to your camera should you decide to perform a capacitor replacement on your own camera.

Warning! #2: Be sure to check polarity on the caps before you align and solder it onto your camera, X-700 have different polarity on the circuit board as compared to X500/X570 so make sure to double, even triple check polarity during removal of the existing capacitor on your camera.