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Rollei 35 RF Rangefinder Film Camera: Light Meter, Frame Lines, Shutter Sound + Film Loading

I bought mine on eBay for around $1000 (as of mid 2022). You can check on the current price here: A film camera that’s quite rare (less than 2000 copies made due to lack of demand back in the day), A solid performer and better bang for your buck compared to any Leica M film camera. This one also has a built-in light meter. If 40mm is your favorite focal length, this camera is your best friend (or Bessa R3A/R3M). Hint: It’s pretty much a Bessa R2 with improved grips! (Those grips may deteriorate quickly in certain situations; if that happens, buy a replacement Bessa R2 leather cover to replace said grips. Or you can order a nice leather cover for the camera to further protect the body from damage and enhance its appearance.