GVM SD300D Bi-Color COB Video Light First Impression vs Aputure LS C300D Mk II

So I was kindly provided a review sample from GVM to test their newly released kelvin Adjustable (2300K-7500K) 300W LED video light.

I received the light and immediately started my unboxing and first impression video process while comparing its performance to the higher-priced Aputure LS C300D Mark II. During the testing, the light shut itself off due to overheating shortly after turned on.

I was not able to do any further comparison videos besides a 50% power output test and a 100% power output test between two lights. I contacted GVM, and they told me to try to fix the fan problem myself, lol so I’m going to attempt a repair on this video light and will post a follow-up video of my attempt at making this light’s active cooling fan work again on the unit.

This video is my unboxing and initial impression of the GVM SD300D COB LED Video Light.