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Olympus OM-1/1n VS OM-2/2n | 35mm SLR Manual Flim Camera Buying Guide

Dilemma, dilemma, dilemma! This video is my opinion on which camera you should buy if you are stuck between an Olympus OM-1/1n or OM-2/2n. In this video, I break down the critical points of purchasing one camera over the other, based on my analysis.

All OM-1/1n/2/2n models suffer from the famous foam deteriorating defect that requires an immediate prism cleaning remedy. See my detailed repair video here:

The “n” models added direct contact at the camera back to use with cordless Recordata Backs (Older back can also be used with PC terminal), a flash ready LED in the viewfinder, and regardless of the position of the FP/X switch is set at, automatic X-sync with Shoe-4 when any of the dedicated flashes are used.

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