Film Photography Lens Review

TTArtisan 50mm F1.4 ASPH (Leica M Mount) Sample Photos

Shots were taken on a Sony A7 IV Mirrorless Camera with a Leica M to Sony FE lens mount adapter. Simple adjustments were made to my personal preference for archiving.

TTArtisan 50mm F1.4 For Leica M

This lens is clearly designed for film use. It’ll be a very strong contender to the Leica Summilux if you shoot black and white film only, as some of its annoying characteristics can be easily masked in B&W film. Even if paired with a modern digital camera using an adapter, it still performed quite well as evident on the test shots below.

Affordability (used ones costs less than $300)
Very good sharpness and resolution at the center
Very good contrast and color rendition (when avoiding flares)
Minimal lens distortion
Beautiful bokeh
All metal construction

Strong vignetting at larger apertures
Chromatic aberration at larger aperture settings (Most can be easily corrected, no issue in B&W)
Prone to ugly lens flare if no hood is attached and shooting against strongly backlit scene (It also did not come with a hood)

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