Camera Review Ugly Grade Leica M2 Unboxing and Review

Update: I am returning this Leica M2. A follow-up video explaining my reasoning not to pursue the Leica M ecosystem will be out soon.

Never expected my first entry into the wondrous world of the legendary Leica world would be an Ugly grade Leica M2 from KEH.

They had it at a price too good to pass, and there is a full refund policy within a couple of weeks, so I took the gamble.

In this video, I share my initial unboxing experience and explore this Ugly Grade Leica M2 from

This particular camera had a manufacturing date that’s the same as my birthday… This camera is exactly 17 years older than me…

Will it outlive me? Only time will tell… Cheers!

P.S. This content is NOT sponsored by KEH. (But I do like their consistent service.)

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